ARROW: ‘The Brave and The Bold’ Recap/Review

Part 2 of the epic Flash/Arrow team up opens in Starling City as Arrow, Arsenal and Diggle siege a  house that they’ve tracked the boomerang killer to. It turns out that the house is boobytrapped with bombs. So both Arrow and Arsenal back up to a safe distance and fire their arrows into the house, which triggers the bombs to explode. They enter the home and realize no one is there, until they come face to face with some A.R.G.U.S agents. They tell Arrow to let it go and to leave it to ARGUS.

It turns out an A.R.G.U.S man was killed by Captain Boomerang.

Flashback to Hong kong where Amanda Waller has Oliver interrogate a man to try to prevent a bombing. Oliver picks up his bow and threatens the man who notices that Oliver’s hands are shaking saying that he doesn’t have the stomach for it. As he’s about to fire…the bomb goes off in the distance. Waller scolds Oliver for trying to reason with the man, that there are people in the world who only deal with extremes, and sometimes you have to deal in extremes with people. Waller wants Oliver to hone his skills of interrogation.

Waller has Oliver interrogate a man who works for China White, who knows her agenda in Hong Kong. Oliver

Caitlin and Cisco pay a visit to Felicity at Palmer Technologies. Caitlin tells Felicity that she is there to help find Sara’s killer, but Cisco just really wants to see the “Arrow Cave”. Felicity warns them not to call it that. Oliver later voices his displeasure to Cisco about calling it that. It was hilarious seeing Oliver watching Cisco like a hawk, touching every piece of equipment.

Diggle follows Lyla into ARGUS, as she refuses to tell Diggle anything about the boomerang killer. Oddly enough, the boomerang killer gains access to the same ARGUS building by using tone of his victims badges. He pretty much kills everyone in sight. Diggle and Lyla get into a gunfight with the man, and Arrow and Arsenal arrive and begin to fight the man with the boomerangs. He somehow gets the drop on Arrow as two boomerangs are about to hit him, but Flash races to the scene and stops them from hitting Arrow. Unfortunately Boomerang makes an escape.

We learn that the mans name is Digger Harkness. He was a member of the Suicide Squad. When a mission went wrong, Lyla made the call to terminate the members of the squad. Harkness survived and now he is after Lyla.

Back at the Arrow cave, Barry quickly reassembles some smashed boomerangs, and recognize the signature of Klaus Marcos, whom Lance arrested before. It turns out that Marcos has ties with the Russian mob. So  Arrow, Arsenal, Diggle and Flash all team up and make easy work of the russian mob. They find Marcos fabricating more boomerangs. Barry witnesses first hand how Oliver handles criminals in his city. Oliver shoots an arrow into the Marcos and begins to interrogate him. Barry is visibly disturbed at this and is furious about Oliver’s methods. Oliver defends his methods, saying that there are people in this world that deal in extremes and that sometimes you must act accordingly. By doing so, they have gained Marcos cellphone to encrypt and find Harkness. Oliver tells Barry you’re in my city and we do things my way, if you have a problem with that – go home.

Felicity hacks a ARGUS satellite to find Harkenss using the info from the cellphone they gained. Arrow, Arsenal, Diggle and Flash go to a warehouse where Digger is possibly hiding. When the arrive, he’s nowhere to be found. It was a set up. It turns out he’s waiting in the arrow cave and attacks Felicity, Caitlin and Lyla. After a fierce shootout, Lyla is wounded by one of Digger’s boomerangs. Felicity throws one of olives explosives, which causes Digger to flee.

Everyone regroups at the Arrow cave where Barry rushes Lyla to the hospital.

Oliver Barry that he blames himself for what happened to Lyla. Barry tells him that it’s not his fault. Oliver confesses that he does what needs to be done, even if things get ugly. But when he does so, he gives away a piece of himself, his humanity. Barry thinks that Oliver’s humanity saved him all those years ago on the island, to help him survive – not the arrow.

Arrow and Flash confront Digger at a subway station who reveals that he has 5 bombs planted throughout Starling City that will detonate in 90 seconds. Barry runs to find all of the bombs, but finds out that all bombs have to be defused at the same time. Barry races and drops off Felicity, Roy, Cisco and Caitlin at each bomb location. Everyone successfully defuses all the bombs at the same time.

Meanwhile Arrow battles Digger one on one and eventually subdues him. Digger calls Arrow weak for not torturing and killing him. Arrow disagrees, and references his humanity. He does however shoot an arrow through Diggers hand to which Barry tells Arrow “you couldn’t resist could you?”

Lyla appears to be fine, as Diggle sits by her side at the hospital. Diggle and Lyla share a sentimental moment, as he asks Lyla to marry him – she says yes.

Back at the Arrow cave, Caitlin tells the arrow team that she should be able to get results fro the arrows that killed Sara. Oliver reveals that Harkness is now sharing a cell with Slade Wilson. Oliver then reveals a station for Barry’s flash gear, so that they can team up again in the future. Team flash also have a gift for Oliver, a new kevlar jacket….with the green hood attached.

The episode ends with a sparring session between Barry and Oliver. Each wants to find out who would really win in a fight. Each stands on separate sides of a warehouse. Oliver draws his arrows and starts firing furiously, as Barry races towards him the screen goes to black.

Damn. Another good episode. I was a huge fan of this two part series between Arrow and The Flash. I thought that it worked out very well! Don’t you? Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang) was truly an awesome villain. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in future episodes. Having both him and Slade in a cell cannot be good – expect to see that team up in the future! I think the best parts in this episode were the interactions between Oliver and Barry. The interactions between both Arrow’s team and Flash’s team were also my favorite. Overall great episode. I’m a little bummed that episodes will be resuming as normal, this was truly a cool team up.


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