THE FLASH: ‘The Flash Is Born’ Recap

The episode opens with Iris blogging and telling people to start believing in the impossible, believing in “the streak”. As soon as she pushes send on her blog post, Barry/The Flash races and grabs Iris taking her to the roof. The Flash tells her that she needs to stop writing about him and to stop calling him “the streak”. Barry warns that she is in danger by writing about him, but Iris claims that she is writing about him for the people and the good things that he offers. Their talk is cut short as Flash heads to a crime in progress.

A man in a yellow hummer speeds down a street almost hitting a boy, who Barry rescues. The man in the hummer rams into cop cars almost hitting Joe and Eddie. Eddie cannot believe his eyes as he shoots through the windshield and his bullets riccoches off the mans head. Barry confronts the man and punches him in the face, but fractures his hand in doing so. The man turns to steel and continues to beat Barry up. He barely escapes and passes out at STAR Labs where Caitlin, Cisco and Wells discover him. He fractured his wrist and suffered man other injuries. Thankfully he recovers in a matter of hours because of his powers. Barry reveals that he hit a big bad man made of steel. He ponders how he could even fight someone like that? Wells remarks “interesting….a man of steel”. (clearly a Superman joke). He assures Barry that they will figure it out, but that he needs to rest.

The next day, Joe finds out that the man that the metal nemesis is intact a metahuman. The DA identifies the metal man as Tony Woodward. Tony was not only a former schoolmate of Barry’s, but he was also a bully as well who terrorized Barry throughout his childhood.

Joe has Barry work with Eddie because Eddie saw something extraordinary and needs help coping with what he saw. Meanwhile Joe pays a visit to Dr. Wells and asks for help on the murder of Barry’s mother. Joe describes Barry seeing a man in yellow and wonders if it’s possible if someone with Barry’s abilities could have been around 14 years before the particle accelerator explosion. Wells assures Joe that it’s not possible.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco dubs the new metahuman “Girder”. Cisco builds a steel dummy and has Barry train with it. Barry gets knocked about, resulting in a shoulder dislocation. As Caitlin is about to reset his dislocated shoulder, she asks if Barry has been seeing Iris in costume. He lies and says no, which causes Caitlin to set his shoulder which causes Barry to scream. Sounds like someone has a small crush on Barry!

Eddie calls Barry and tells him to come to the crime scene. Eddie asks what is going on between Barry and Iris. Eddie reveals that he felt threatened by Barry when he first started dating Iris. This causes Barry to have a flashback where Joe teaches a young Iris and Barry how to box. He tells young Barry to fight smarter, not harder. At the scene Eddy and Barry figure out that Tonys trail leads to a local brewing company.

Eddie and Barry question some of the workers from the brewery. One of the men panics and makes a run for it. Eddie apprehends the man and find out that TOny was a former Central City factory worker. He disappeared when the STAR Labs particle accelerator accident occurred.

Meanwhile Tony pays a visit to Iris at her job at the coffee shop. Tony found Iris through her blog and asks why she is writing about the streak, even though Tony beat him up. Tony’s photo comes across the tv showing that he is wanted by the police, Just as Iris is going to call the police, Tony smashes her phone and leaves. Barry gets a message through Iris’s blog saying she has information for him. She informs him that Tony is hiding out in Keystone City.

Barry tracks down Tony’s hideout, where he also happends to find Tony. Barry is badly beaten up a second time by Tony. Caitlin and Cisco find Barry and bring him back to STAR Labs. Barry heals up and is yelled at by Wells for heading off so carelessly. Barry is frustrated that even with his powers, he still cannot do anything to Tony. Wells and Cisco tell Barry that if he hits Tony moving at Mach 1.1, that he could take him down. This would cause a sonic boom, but there is a chance that if he doesn’t perform it just right that he could break every bone in his body.

Later, Eddie and Barry have a boxing session where Eddie advises Barry that if he ever gets into a fight, to fight with intelligence. Eddie encourages Barry to hit the bag as hard as he can, which causes him to punch a hole through it.

Across town Joe and Wells meet for a drink and discuss the impossible meta humans. Joe wonders if the man who killed Barry’s mother was created by a past version of the particle accelerator. The conversation turns to an interrogation as Joe is suspicious that Wells might be involved in Barry’s mother’s murder. Wells did move into Central City and founded STAR Labs briefly after Norah Allen died. Wells leaves as he is insulted.

Meanwhile, Iris is abducted by Tony. Eddie and Barry continue boxing and are notified that Iris is missing by another officer.  Tony takes Iris back to Elementary school that they attended as children. He wants Iris to start writing about him, because he was the one to take down “the streak”. Flash confronts Tony and is beaten around quite a bit. He leaves the school and stops approximately 5.3 miles. Cisco starts to freak out realizing that Barry is gearing up to give Tony a sonic boom punch, which he does (and is pretty awesome). Barry’s punch knocks down Tony, but he is able to get back to his feet. Iris finishes Tony off with a punch.

Tony (aka Girder) is imprisoned at STAR Labs and Barry reveals his face to Tony and says that he will no longer hurt anyone else. Upstairs, Joe visits Wells and apologizes for assuming that Wells had anything to do with Barry’s mother’s murder. Joe discovered that Wells lost his wife around the same time that Norah Allen’s death. The two make up and agree to continue their hunt for the murderer.

Barry visits Iris at the coffee shop and both make amends. Iris discusses that she is finding out that there are more people ilke “the streak”, including a man who sounds like Pyro. Barry also tells her to rename “the streak” to “The Flash”. It’s safe to say – it catches on. duh.

The episode ends with Joe at home sitting down to a drink and  continuing to work on investigation of the murder of Barry’s mother. Suddenly the lights go out and the room is engulfed in electricity. It appears as though  a man in yellow is racing through the room at a high speed. This was the same scene that barry witnessed as a child. Everything turns back to normal and Joe is horrified to see Iris’s picture held to the wall by a knife and underneath it is carved “stop or else”.

My Two Cents

Okay take a breath. First of all, thank god we can now call Barry “The Flash”, instead of “The Streak”. That was getting annoying real quick. (It reminded me of Smallville where Clark was referred to as “the blur”.) Second of all, i’m staring to believe that Wells is Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom. He just seems so shady. It’s clear he has plans for Barry, but the question remains if they are good or bad. Also who else would know that Joe is investigating the murder of Norah Allen? As of right now the only people that know are Joe, Barry and Wells. It just seems fishy, but I assume we will be seeing Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom very soon. Overall awesome episode, can’t wait to see what trouble Barry can get into next!

Images via Collider

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