GOTHAM ‘Harvey Dent’ Recap

The episode opens as Jim brings Selena home with him only to find hat Barbara is not there. Jim finds a letter written to him from Barbara revealing that she is going away for a while to clear her head, as she cannot deal with everything that has happened. Selena reads the note and asks if she will be staying with Jim. He tells her no, he wants to bring her to Wayne Manor and have her speak to a sketch artist.

At Wayne Manor, Jim shows Bruce a composite sketch of the killer based on Selina’s account. Bruce does not recognize the man and asks Jim if he trusts Selena. Jim believes her and knows that she could be a key witness – should there be a trial. Alfred objects to having Selena stay with him and Bruce, but Jim insists that it’s for her own safety. Bruce welcomes Selena to stay at Wayne Manor, as he believes she is the best bet to finding out who killed his parents.

We are next taken to Blackgate penitentiary where notorious bomb maker Ian Hargrove is being transported. He smuggles matches in his mouth and spits them in his hands, just as he is cuffed. In the vehicle, Ian moves his hands in a way that makes one of the guards suspicious. The guard takes off his shackles, which frees Ian and causes both men to scuffle. As this is going on, The vehicle is forced off of the road and The guards are killed by a group of men. It turns out that the men who stopped the vehicle and killed the guards, have plans for Ian.

We finally meet the man for whom the episode is named after – Harvey Dent. He is seen talking to a young boy outside of the courthouse about staying in school and not committing petty crimes. The kid promises as Harvey flips a coin, which lands on heads. He tells the boy to go back to school and stay out of trouble. He meets Jim and shakes hands. Harvey reveals his two-headed coin to Jim, saying that the teenagers always pick heads.

In Harvey’s office, he reveals that Jim’s witness is useless. The idea of having a witness is valuable. He believes that Dick Lovecraft (whom is connected to Falcone) is involved in the murders. He wants Lovecraft to know that their is a witness so that that he will scramble – with any luck the dominos will fall and he will be able to go after Lovecraft and Falcone. Harvey is out to rattle some cages. He claims he is out to make Gotham a better place and that Jim can trust him. Jim agrees only that no names be used.

Back at the police department, Jim and Harvey Bullock investigate the Ian Hargrove case. He has never had any accomplices, and never talked to anyone while he has been in prison. They investigate Ian’s brother John, who was the only visitor of Ian’s. They bring in John and ask him questions about Ian. John claims that Ian is not a bad man, only that he is sick and that he needs help.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred teaches Bruce how to box, as Selina critiques Bruce’s style. Alfred gives Selena grief about not waking up for breakfast. Bruce wants Alfred to be nicer to Selena. Alfred then accuses Bruce of having a crush on Selena.

Penguin breaks into Liza’s apartment to see what exactly she is up to. After creeping around for a bit, he leaves just as Liza gets back. But she realizes to her horror that someone has been inside her apartment.

Meanwhile Ian is creating a bomb which is packed inside picnic basket and is filled with all kinds of foods and gifts. The picnic basket is delivered to a bunch of security guards inside the Gotham Munitions factory. It detonates as Ian watches from a car. It is revealed that the Munitions factory was bombed so that Hargrove’s captors could steal a high-capacity explosive.

Nigma reveals to Jim and Harvey  a name plate he found in the explosives from an abandoned metal factory. Jim and Harvey investigate the bandoned metal factory and find Ian sitting at a table creating more bombs. Ian reveals to Jim and Harvey that a group of Russians kidnapped him and forced him to create bombs to use against Falcone. The russians show up and get into a shoot out with Jim and Harvey, but escape with Ian.

Harvey Dent reveals brings Lovecraft into his office and reveals that he has a witness who can tie Lovecraft and others to the scene of the crime. Lovecraft laughs and rips up Harvey’s paper work. He tells harvey that he has no idea who he is messing with. Harvey suddenly snaps and scares Lovecraft and his lawyers. Harvey then calms down and returns to his calm demeanor.

We find out that Fish Mooney hired the Russians to utilize Ian’s bomb making skills to hit the gotham armory which was recently purchased by Falcone. As the Russians and Ian successfully rob the Armory, Jim and Harvey show up after learning they would be there from a Edward Nigma experiment. As the men escape, its revealed that Ian planted a bomb on the getaway truck. The bomb is detonated and the truck blows up – and so does the money on board.

While Studying, Bruce and Selena get into a food fight where Selena says…if you hit me, you kiss me. Alfred comes in and notices the two having fun. To see Bruce smiling makes it all worth having Selena in the house. Alfred lets Jim know that its okay to have Selena staying at Wayne Manor.

Penguin waits at Liza’s apartment when he comes home, and tells her that he knows her secret. He tells her that he will report her to Falcone, and blackmails her into continuing to work for Fish, but reporting back to him on her, or else he’ll turn them in.

Dent visits  Gordon at the police station, telling him that he’s leaked his rumor to all the big players. Gordon makes him promise that he won’t move without Gordon.  Bullock comes in and tells Jim that Ian is headed to Arkham, where the mayor is creating a facility for the criminally insane.

The episode ends as Jim calls Barbara on her cell phone telling her that he got the note but that he wants her back. She lays in bed and then turns over and kisses Montoya, whom is in bed with her.

Images via IGN

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