Gotham ‘The Mask’ Recap

The episode opens as two men dressed in identical business suits and black ski masks fight to the death in an abandoned office. On e of the men is killed by a paper cutter. The dead mans body is found dumped by the docks. Harvey, Jim and Nygma investigate and discover that the body was dumped there. Nygma discovers a severed finger found in the dead man’s mouth – belonging to the man whom he was fighting with.

While walking down the streets of Gotham, Penguin robs a wealthy woman of her brooch. He brings it to Fish Mooney as a token of friendship. Fish takes the brooch and stabs Penguins hand. He politely keeps his calm and tells Fish to give his respects to Don Falcone. Oswald ends up giving his mother the brooch, as she sees that his hand is hurt. She tells him that as a child she was bullied by a jelous girl, and retaliated by turning her parents over the the secret police. It seems that “ratting” people out runs in the Cobblepot family.

We discover that Jim refuses to work with any other cops after everyone walked out on him when Zsaz tried to kill him.

He interviews the murder victim’s mother and tells Jim that hereon worked at a coffee shop but was dressed for a job interview in finance.

Jim and Harvey visit black market doctor to possibly learn more about the severed thumb. He denies any knowledge of it, but his story changes when Jim finds evidence of the same printer toner in his make-shift “operating room” that was found on the corpse. Jim arrests the man, to which all the other cops are upset that Jim is playing hardball. Harvey asks him to reconsider letting the doctor go, but Jim refuses.

Jim heads home from a long day at the office only to have Barbara pull a gun on him because he did not turn on the light when he walked int he door. Jim chastises her for using a gun after she has been drinking. She apologizes as she is scared and paranoid that zsaz is still stalking her. Jim tells Barbrara that he will let no one hurt her and that there “aren’t any monsters”.

Meanwhile at the abandoned office building we saw earlier, three men in business suits are caged and handed black ski masks. The men ask “when will we get outta here”, to which a man in a Black mask and a suit says “It’s up to you”.

At a nearby church, “secret weapon” Liza meets with Fish to give a report as to what she has been up to. Liza is confused as to what she is to Falcone. Fish reveals that she is  a mother, maid and a girlfriend to Falcone. She tells Liza to steal a copy of his ledger out of a locked drawer by slipping Falcone a drug to make him sleep.

Jim and Harvey show up to Sionis Business Firm, where all of the men have visible bruises and injuries on their faces. (Clearly they showed up to the right place.) Jim and Harvey meet Richard Sionis, who denies knowing the man who was killed. Jim immediately suspects Sionis of killing the young man. As Jim leaves his office, he finds a trail of blood leading to the mens bathroom. Inside the bathroom he finds the man with the missing thumb.

Penguin’s hired thugs bring in Timothy, the man who has inherited his old job with Fish. When he is questioned and refuses to give any answers, he is beaten. Penguin gets Timothy to admit that Fish has someone close to Falcone. Timothy serves his purpose, and Penguin tells his thugs that no one must find the body as both Falcone and Maroni are at peace.

At the police station, Jim and Harvey pressure the man with the missing thumb into admitting that Sionis hiring process is that three candidates fight it out for the job, but that no one was supposed to die. Before he can reveal anymore, the mans attorney enters and advises his client to remain silent.

Jim and Harvey decide to split up and find the office building where the fights are taking place. Jim eventually discovers the office and finds three men in cages. As he is about to free them, he is knocked out by Sionis.

After Jim doesn’t checked back in at the police department, Harvy begins to worry. When nobody helps Harvey find any information about where Jim could be, he berates the room. Essen offers to pitch in, as well as a bunch of others.

Jim wakes up where he is forced to fight three men in ski masks. Sionis tells the men that whom ever kills Jim will get a million dollar bonus. After disposing of all three men like a boss, Jim dukes it out with Sionis, who tries cutting him with a samurai sword. Just as Essen and the other officers enter the office building, Jim takes out Sionis.

After failing to drug Falcone, Liza visits Fish to say that she wants out. Fish reveals a bit about her past and how her mother was a prostate and was killed by one of Falcones men in front of her. (her mother turns out to be the older woman singing on stage. Turns out Fish told Liza a little lie to “inspire” her.)  She promises that she won’t let anything happen to Liza, and makes her say that she believes her.

Back at the police department, Jim thanks Harvey for having his back. He tells Harvey that he is not going to stop going after the big criminals and all the dirty cops.

Bruce attends school reluctantly at Alfred’s request that he be with kids his own age. He is approached by a boy named Tommy who asks a bunch of graphic questions about Bruce’s parents death. Tommy continues to berade and bully Bruce, until Bruce slaps Tommy. Bruce reveals that his slap to Tommy’s face did nothing and that Tommy is bigger than Bruce. Alfred gives Bruce his fathers wrist watch. He wrings Tommy’s door bell and proceeds to punch Tommy in the face. Alfred stops Bruce, but warns tommy to remember the next time he tries to mess with Bruce. Bruce later reveals to Alfred that he enjoyed hurting Tommy, to which Alfred says he rightfully deserved it. Bruce claims that he is angry all the time and wonders if it will ever go away. The episode ends where Bruce asks Alfred to teach him how to fight, to which Alfred says “yes I can”.


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