Arrow: ‘The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak’ Recap

If the name of the episode didn’t give it away, This is truly episode all about Felicity.

The episode starts with everyone doing their morning routine – Oliver and Roy sparring, Laurel doing some boxing training and Malcom Merlyn sword fighting with Thea. Thea remarks, I wonder how normal people spend their mornings? Cue Felicity doing a couple sit ups in her pajamas watching a workout video. Her workout is cut short by Ray Palmer who shows up to her door. He has plans for providing renewable energy to “Star City” but cannot seem to get all of his ideas out to Felicity, because Felicity’s mother Donna Smoak appears at the door. Donna is pretty much the opposite of Felicity in every way. She is flirty, outgoing, and of course technologically inept. Ray leaves both women, but not before giving Donna a prototype of a new smart watch that Ray was developing.

Instead of getting a flashback from Oliver, this time we get one from Felicity from approximately 5 years ago. During this time a goth/punk looking Felicity, her college boyfriend and another friend are coding a hacking virus. They try to hack the university student loans system, but Felicity pulls the plug just in time out of fear that they will get in serious trouble. Felicity’s boyfriend is angered and tells her that they need to use their talents to help people and not for selfish pranks against the school. The next day Felicity walks with her boyfriend who is till upset at Felicity for “pulling the plug” on him the night before. As they are walking together, the FBI pulls up and arrests her boyfriend.

Back in the present, Oliver visits Thea who is moving into a pretty swanky loft, provided of course by daddy Merlyn. Oliver does not like the fact that Thea is using Malcom’s money. While at Thea’s, Oliver notices the city goes dark. The power is shut off by an Hacker who reveals himself to be ‘Brother Eye’. The entity appears on tv screens across the City threatening that it bring its own version of justice to Starling City.

The Arrow crew pursues Brother eye, while Diggle leaves his daughter with Felicity’s mother Donna at Club Verdant.

Brother Eye threatens to target Starling City’s national bank and to drain all of the bank accounts using a virus. The police are dispatched by Laurel who is the acting as an interim District Attorney to stop looters and rioters. Oliver and Roy arrive on scene at the bank and disperse the rioters but find out that Felicity cannot stop the virus! Oh no! Add insult to injury, it turns out that the virus was created by none other than Felicity….over 5 years ago.

Felicity freaks out at the fact that the virus she wrote is being used. She explains to Oliver that she was a “hacktivistdelivering civil disobedience by hacking into government databases and revealing their evil doings. She reveals that she wrote the virus with her boyfriend and friend Myra.

Captain Lance gives Laurel hell for calling in a riot squad for the bank. He suspects that something is up with Laurel being distant lately. He is still unaware that Sarah is dead. Laurel decides to remain tight lipped about it.

Later, Arrow and Arsenal track down Myron and find out that he did not do it according to Felicity. Oliver suspects Felicity’s ex-boyfriend, but Felicity says it’s impossible as he committed suicide in prison before his sentencing.

Saddened at this fact, Felicity sulks in her office at Queen Consolidated as Ray walks in. He reveals that he lost his bid to re-name Starling City to “Star City”. Felicity almost tells Ray what is going on with her, until her mother barges in and interrupts. Felicity and her mother argue about their differences, until her mother is hurt by Felicity’s outburst and leaves.

Oliver finds Felicity at the Arrow Cave trying to find Brother Eye. He tells her to go and spend time with her mother as she is visibly upset and cannot perform her job. She arrives back at her apartment where Donna reveals that she received a free flgith from an unidentified source. Uh oh!  Felicity and her mother are suddenly kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who turns out to be Brother Eye….dun dun dun! You didn’t’ have to be M. Night Shamalan to see that coming.

It turns out her boyfriend faked his death as his skills were needed by the NSA. He was going to reach out to Felicity, but was sickened that Felicity had become a corporate dog. He tells Felicity that he wants to unleash the true potential of the virus she made. He reveals his plan to cripple Starling City’s finances. He needs Felicity to crack the treasury’s firewall – if she doesn’t, then Donna will die.

Felicity uses her smarts and hacks the watch Ray gave her mother to contact Oliver, who shows up moments later. Oliver has his hands full with some of Brother Eye’s turrets, while Diggle and Roy handle the other thugs outside of the building. Instead of Oliver taking out Brother eye, Felicity bitch slaps him and saves her mom, while Oliver looks on! Damn girl!

After this we get a Flashback to Felicity throwing away her goth/punk clothing and showcasing off her current look that we all know and love.

After Brother Eye is taken in, Felicity and Oliver discuss how important it is to love family, no matter how crazy they drive them. Felicity goes and spends time with her mother, while Oliver goes and spends time with Thea. Elsewhere, Laurel visits Ted Grant at his gym, and tells him that someone killed her sister and got away with it. Grant says he now understands how to properly train Laurel.

The episode ends on a weird note, as Roy has a dream that he is the one who killed Sarah!

Okay so what is going on here? Is Roy truly Sarah’s killer? Is he having a mirikuru relapse? Overall I enjoyed this episode. A story other than Oliver’s is always refreshing as it breaks away from the mold of the show. It’s nice to see Felicity’s background and who she truly is. If you didn’t care for her character (which I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t) then you will now! Great character development and overall great episode. What did you think?

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