Gotham ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’ Recap

The episode opens with Harvey Bullock being furious at Jim Gordon at the fact that he lied about killing Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin. He tells Gordon that he better not see him again or he will kill him.

Meanwhile Falcone’s thugs are keeping Barbara Gordon company all while making threats. Jim comes home and shoots/knocks out the thugs. He has Barbara gather her things and has her catch the next bus out of town knowing that Falcone will target everyone close to him. Jim returns to the police station with all eyes on him. He collects a bunch of blank warrants, and starts creating one for Falcone.

It becomes painfully obvious that Fish Mooney wants Gordon, Bullock and Penguin dead – but Falcone thinks that she is overreacting. Instead Falcone sends one of his specialists Victor Zsasz (yet another Batman villain introduced) to take Gordon in alive. Zsasz shows up at GCPD and calls out Gordon. A standoff takes place and Zasz demand that everyone in the police station. (This part made me roll my eyes. The whole precinct is going to clear out for one guy?) Anyways – After a furious shoot out Gordon is wounded by taking a bullet to the stomache. and trys to frantically escape. He is wounded again and about to be killed only to be saved by MCU deceives Montoya and Allen. They grab Gordon and flee the scene.

Gordon wakes up in a laboratory located on the campus of Gotham University where one of Montoya’s friends, a physician,treats his wounds. Gordon convinces Allen and Montoya to visit Bruce as Wayne Manor is the safest place in Gotham. Gordon tells Bruce that he might not be able to locate his parents killer and that Allen and Montoya will continue the investigation.He gives Bruce what seems to be a last goodbye as he does not believe he will survive. Bruce and Gordon have a sincere moment as Bruce hugs Gordon.

Meanwhile Mooney meets with Maroni to negotiate in handing over Penguin. Maroni refuses and Mooney leaves but not before threatening the Penguin. This sets in motion one of Maroni’s moving vehicles (carrying guns) being hijacked by Falcones men.  This infuriates Maroni who wants to hit Falcone hard and Cobblepot knows just how to do it.

Penguin and a group of Maroni’s men head to a secret drug hideout where Falcones men are stationed and murder everyone in sight including the double-crosser Niccoli. Maroni’s captain thinks that Penguin is nothing but a snitch and that he is manipulating Maroni. He threatens to kill Penguin, but Penguin has the upper hand – he bought out the captain’s men. The men hold Maroni’s captain as Penguin stabs and kills the captain.

Falcone and Maroni meet and agree that the bloodshed needs to come to an end. Neither man wants there to be a war. Each man gives their condolences for the deaths each side has endured. They come to an agreement that Maroni can keep the Penguin alive as a gift, but that Maroni would have to give up some real-estate. Maroni agrees and gives up waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground before seeking council from Penguin.

A drunken Bullock decides to join Gordon as he is a deadman anyways. Gordon reveals that he wants to arrest the Mayor and Falcone for criminal conspiracy.  Gordon and Bullock take the mayor captive and storm Falcones mansion. They threaten to arrest him but Falcone reveals that he has Barbara in his possession. Gordon backs down as Barbara is returned to Jim. He lets them live but reveals that Gordon will soon see that Gotham belongs to men like Falcone, and that he will know “the truth.”

The episode ends as Penguin meets and embraces Falcone. It turns out that Penguin is revealed to be double-crossing Maroni AND Fish. In a flashback, the Penguin tells Falcone that he will be his “snitch for life”.  He will infiltrate Maroni’s operation and report back to Falcone. He reveals his big secret to Falcone That Fish and Niccoli the Russian are conspiring to kill Falcone. Falcone continues to trust Penguin and they agree that they must let Gordon live for now, knowing that his value as Gotham’s only honest man is too valuable.

What a fitting name for the episode “The Penguin’s Umbrella”. The name of the episode leaves you to believe that The Penguin is the one in control and that he is manipulating both Maroni and Falcone to eventually make a huge power grab. I assume that Fish Mooney will have something to say about that. Overall it was an alright episode, at moments it felt like it was trying to jam in way too much. What did you think? Leave your comments below!


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