ARROW ‘The Magician’ Recap

Previously on Arrow Nyssa al Ghul held her bow on Oliver and Roy demanding to know where Sara is. She quickly learns that Sara is dead.

Somehow Nyssa knows that Sara was killed with an arrow and demands to see Sara’s body. Oliver tells her where her burial site is and Roy makes a note to follow Nyssa.

Oliver goes to meet Thea at a restaurant where she is very confident and demeanor is different. Oliver keeps asking her if she is okay, saying that she has changed – that she seems stronger. When he asks if she is seeing anyone she evades his question. (of course she’s not going to reveal that she has been spending time with Merlyn and that he has been training her).

At Sara’s grave, Nyssa and Laurel have an argument about her condolences. Afterwards, Nyssa heads to a former safe house of Sara’s. Oliver goes to talk to Nyssa, in which both argue but ultimately connect over their love of Sara. Nyssa reveals to Oliver that Sara was there after having heard rumors that Malcolm Merlyn is alive.

Back at the “Arrow cave”, Nyssa asks whether Sara had anything on her when she died. Roy says she had a blank piece of paper in her shoe. It was no ordinary paper, it was a secret  “ghost ink” list revealing certain leads that Sara was onto. She even contemplated asking her dad for help.

With this information, Laurel pays a visit to her father at the police department, asking Lance about Janson (the name on Sara’s paper). Laurel finds out that he was looking into Janson for Sara; Nyssa surpasses Laurel as she appears smack dab in the middle of the  police department. She trys to convince Laurel that her father needs to know what happened to his daughter. Laurel just cannot bring it upon herself to do it – and Nyssa even covers for her saying that Sara told her to say “hello and that she misses him”. He gives Laurel and Nyssa the address he’d given Sara, and they find that it’s a Monastery. Merlyn had bankrolled Janson’s defense as he was facing deportation to China. Roy, Diggle, Oliver and Nyssa split up and search the property for Janson.

Nyssa finds whom she assumes is Janson but it turns out to be Merlyn. Nyssa attacks him, but is easily defeated. Oliver manages to shoot an arrow at Merlyn, but it only grazes Malcolm’s shoulder as he makes an escape.

They return to the Arrow Cave and let Laurel what happened. She isn’t too pleased to find out that Oliver let Merlyn go, but he tells her that he is no longer a man who takes lives. Oliver explains that the arrow he fired at Merlyn was laced with “nanotech” – that could track Merlyn. An upset Laurel walks away as Nyssa stops her. Laurel knows that Oliver will not kill Merlyn, so she asks Nyssa to do what is necessary.

Merlyn decides to schedule a meeting with Oliver in a public place, as a show of good faith. He meets with Oliver and tells Oliver that he did not kill Sara, that he is in town to look over Thea. After learning this Oliver meets Thea for coffee, warning her that Merlyn is alive and to be careful. Her phone rings and it just so happens to be one of her “investors” that wants to help her fund and reopen Verdant.

Oliver tells Nyssa that he believes Merlyn did not kill Sara, which Nyssa refuses to accept. He reveals that Thea is Merlyn’s daughter, and Nyssa immediately goes out to find Thea and kidnaps her. Merlyn returns home in a panic and sees a purple smoke signal which immediately clicks with him that Nyssa has Thea. Thea is tied up and is pretty much used as bait. Oliver ends up saving Thea while fighting not only Nyssa but Merlyn as he shows up and joins the fray. Merlyn easily subdues Nyssa, but Oliver has the drop on Merlyn – yet he refuses to kill Merlyn as he believes he did not kill Sara.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver is punched by Nyssa and is told that he is foolish for letting Merlyn live. She tells him that he has made an enemy after he tells her that Merlyn is under his protect as long as he’s in Staring City and that the League of Assasins will not make a move.

Meanwhile Laurel is training at a gym hitting a heavy bag while Nyssa walks in to say goodbye. She tells Laurel that she will keep her promise on finding Sara’s murderer.

The Flash backs were solid in this episode. In Hong Kong; Oliver is tracking a target – a mousey looking man who’s buying ice cream. Waller apparently wants him taken out. Oliver scopes out the man and doubts that he is a terrorist and demands to know why Waller wants him dead. Maseo tells him that he asks way to many questions (i’d agree with that). Eventually Oliver kills the man taking his keys as he falls.  Back at Maseo’s apartment, Tatsu is gone – because she hates Oliver. Both men argue about why Oliver has to carry out these missions.  Maseo steps aside for a minute to make dinner while Oliver asks Maseo’s son to take a look at his computer. He opens a drive on the victims keychain which makes Oliver demand a meeting with Amanda Waller about a ferris air flight. Olvier ends up confronting Waller about the man he was forced to kill. It turns out his name was Eddie Fyers’  handler, and the flgith on his USB drive was the one Oliver saved in Season one. Waller ordered the flgith to be shot down in an attempt to kill China White, who is in Hong Kong and Waller wants to know why.

The episode ends as Nyssa returns to Nanda Parbat to report to her father that Merlyn is alive and in Starling City. Ra’s in a tub (which I would assume would be a mini lazarus pit?)  He gets up and says that Merlyn will die, but not for killing Sara. He says that Sara was truly never “one of them”. When he asks about Oliver, Nyssa says that he will protect Merlyn. Ra’s says that they are now at war with Oliver Queen.

OH SNAP. Ra’s Al Ghul is in the house – and I thought he looked awesome! I was almost expecting Liam Neeson to make a surprise cameo, but who am I kidding? It looks like we have our big baddie for the season. I’m banking on an unlikely team up of Oliver and Merlyn against Ra’s. I guess we will see, Oliver has made a truly deadly enemy.


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