The Flash: ‘Going Rogue’ Recap (With Spoilers!)

The episode opens as Barry learns to multitask while playing different games with Wells, Caitlin and Cisco. at S.T.A.R., Labs.

Meanwhile  an armored car is being robbed by a group of guys on motorcycles…and a huge truck. One of the men imparticular is operating a liquid nitrogen gun. Barry/The Flash arrives on the scene and prevents all of the goons from robbing the armored vehicle, but The robbers make a clean escape while Barry helps the driver who had been shot get to the hospital.

At the Police department Barry looks through a mugshot book to see if he can spot the robber who was operating the liquid nitrogen gun – as Barry claims he saw one of their faces. He quickly finds his man in Leonard Snart (who’s father is oddly enough also in prison for being a dirty cop and abusing his family).

Iris shows up and and is brushed aside by Joe, who is still not happy about her dating his partner Eddie. She sees Barry and tells him about a blog she started about  “the streak”. She becomes fascinated with the streak stopping the armored car heist. Barry and Iris walk into his lab to find Felicity Smoak standing there – which catches Barry off guard.

Snart chastises his group back at their hideout for losing their cool during the robbery. Snart had the whole heist planned out by the second. Snart Realizes that the Flash is a man, he claims that they must “step up their game”.

Felicity walks with Barry through the park and tells him that she knows about his supper powers, but wants to see them in action. Barry runs up to the top of a building, takes a photo of Felicity and appears back in front of her with with shoes on fire. Barry tells Felicity of the friction suit he usually wears and offers to show her S.T.A.R. Labs. Felicity reacquaints herself with the S.T.A.R. team when Barry accidentally reveals that she works with the Arrow. Both Caitlin and Cisco ask who the Arrow is, but both decline to reveal that info. Felicity even made a quip about their set up,  “We have a similar set up, except there are more pointy things”. Felicity gets to see Barry’s speed on a treadmill to which she starts asking ALOT of questions. Wells assures her that Barry is in good hands.

Joe and Eddie are on a steak out outside of a museum where a rare and expensive diamond is on display. They figure that if Snart will strike, he will definitely strike the museum. During this time we see that there is still a bit of tension between Joe and Eddie. Joe tells Eddie that he doesn’t want to know any details about their relationship.

Back at their coffee hang out “jitters”, Iris tells barry and Felicity to come on a double date to a trivia night with her and Eddie. She tells Barry that Felicity is interested in him, the fact that she travels all the way from Starling City speaks volumes.

Meanwhile a weapons dealer shows Snart some advanced tech. At first he is showed a flamethrower, but claims that he is looking for something to slow things down. He inherits a new gun which has the ability to freeze anything it shoots. It turns out that it was stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs after the particle accelerator explosion. Snart decides to freeze the weapons dealer and keeps the gun for himself.

At trivia night Felicity shows up dressed to the nines wearing a very revealing dress. WOW! Clearly she’s trying to impress Barry. “The E = MC Hammer” team is doing very well at trivia, Both Eddie and Felicity excuse themselves from the table as Iris lets Barry know that Felicity is perfect for him.

At the museum, Snart shows up and joins a guided tour and cases the area where the diamond is being held. The police however are notified that Snart is in the museum. Joe pursues him alone and is almost blasted by Snart’s new freeze gun, but the Barry races to the scene saving Joe’s life but taking an ice blast in the process. Barry is inured and is slowed down a bit. Snart tests Barry’s abilities and starts shooting innocent bystanders. Barry successfully saves all of the people except for one man.

The freeze gun was in fact was stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs and was created by Cisco. Wells scolds Cisco and claims that weapons have no place in S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry grows upset when he learns that Cisco created the freeze gun. Cisco explains that the gun was to be used if Barry had turned out to be a bad guy like all of the other metahumans they’ve come across. Caitlin points out that their facility was built to do good, but Barry ends up blaming Cisco for the death of the man for creating the gun.

Iris confronts Joe at home about giving her the silent treatment. Joe explains that he needs to be focused while on the job, and he cannot be focused with eddie being Iris’ boyfriend. What if something happened to Eddie? How would Joe explain that to Iris?

Barry reveals to Felicity that he cannot sleep because he couldn’t save a man from Snart. He needs to keep pushing himself to go faster so other people won’t die. Felicity tells Barry that it’s not his fault or Cisco’s fault. She tells him that the Arrow team was not always a well oiled machine and that they have had their fair share of problems – just like the S.T.A.R. team will. Felicity tells Bary that she has “seen first hand what this life can do to people and don’t make it lonelier than it has to be”.

Cisco again names the villain and calls Snart “Captain Cold”. He explains that he can track Snart by pinging his Freeze gun but that it would take thirty minutes. Felicity does it under a minute and locates Snart at the train station. They figure he has already stolen the diamond. Snart lures Barry onto a train revealing that he knows Barry’s weakness – the need to save others. He uses this to his advantage and blasts a hole through the train floor and jumps off the train as it starts to derail. Barry concentrates and saves everyone on the train as it crashes. Barry collapses outside of the crashed train and is blasted by Snart’s Freeze gun.

Just as Barry is about to be finished off, Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity come to the rescue! Sisco tells “Captain Cold” to back off which causes Snart to smile (I think he likes his new name). Snart backs off as Cisco threatens him with a much bigger Freeze gun prototype (which turns out to be a very fancy vacuum with LED lights). Snart tells Barry that he will see him around as he leaves with the diamond.

Felicity praises the S.T.A.R. team and claims that you have your teams back no matter what. Wells praises her and Felicity gives her goodbyes to the team. Wells sternly tells Cisco to never do anything like that again.

At the police station, Iris comes to visit Joe to tell him that there is nothing he could ever do that would change the way she looks at him. Joe tells her that Eddie saved his life chasing down Snart. Iris tells Joe, “From now on, no more secrets.” Joe gives the most nervous “if you only knew” face.

Barry says his goodbyes to Felicity on the train. Felicity has deduced that it was Iris he crushes on who doesn’t reciprocate.  Barry tells her it’s like what her and Oliver have. He admits that he’s afraid it will change everything if he tells Iris. She says maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Both come to the conclusion that they’re perfect for each other, but that they’re pining for people they can’t have. They agree that if either needs each other, they’ll run as fast as they can, and share a kiss and Barry speeds off.

Snart goes to see an old partner named Mick (whom I assume is “Heatwave”), who turns out to be a bit of a pyromaniac. Snart asks him if he would be interested in forming a new kind of team in Central City and shows him the flamethrower gun he rejected earlier in the episode.  Captain Cold meeting with Heatwave? This can’t bee good for Barry!

A new kind of team eh? Could that team be called “The Rogues? Is it just a coincidence that the name of the episode is titled “going rogue”? If you are not familiar with The Flash comics,  the enemies of the Flash, led by Captain Cold, form a loose criminal association who refer to themselves as the Rogues. Barry is going to have his hands full big time! I have a feeling with are going to see a confrontation between The Flash and The Rogues real soon. What did you think about the latest episode?


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