Wolverine: Old Man Logan Summer 2015 Teaser

I told ya he wouldn’t stay dead for long!

Marvel Comics has released a teaser image for ‘Old Man Logan’ in the summer of 2015.

Old Man Logan was an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. It began in June 2008, ran through Wolverine #66-72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan in September 2009.

Old Man Logan is set over fifty years in the future, where The United States has been taken over by supervillains and super heroes have been wiped out or are hiding underground. Land is divided into different territories divided amongst The Abomination, Magneto, Dr. Doom, and the Red Skull who names himself President. Logan, way past his hero days, takes a job from Hawkeye that involves a cross-country trip through various territories to take down the villains.

This is just the latest in a series of teasers hinting at Marvel’s plans for the summer of 2015. I will definitely be looking forward to this!


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