Gotham Episode 5 ‘Viper’ Recap

The episode opens as Bruce continues to piece together the mystery of his parents murder. He wants to understand how Gotham works and is not hinged on revenge. He wants to know just how Maroni and Falcone got large pieces of land from the Arkham plan. I find it interesting that he is beginning his detective work at such a young age, but I suppose you have to start somewhere. We see how keen his detective skills are and his obsessive dedication that will define The Batman.

We then see a guitarist playing on the streets, he is handed a green vile by a strange man and inhales the contents. This results in giving the guitar playing man super human strength as he walks into a convent store and steals an ATM with his bare hands. Jim and harvey investigate into the convenient store robber and learn that his name is Benny.

They eventually find Benny whom is drinking ALOT of milk. He tells Jim and Harvey to find the man who gave him the “green stuff”. Benny tries to throw an ATM at Jim and Harvey, but is crushed by it as the drug seems to wears off.  Meanhile The man we saw earlier who had gave the green vile to Benny is seen passing out even more Green viles to everyone he sees on the street – UH OH that’ not good!

Edward Nygma deduces that victims are drinking milk to try to replace missing calcium, the bones crumble and then suffocation and death. Jim and Harevey Discover that the origins of Viper come from the Welzein chemical company. The creator of the drug is Stan Patalski who is an ex-biochemist who tried to cut off his own ear in a disagreement with a supervisor. It’s clear that Stan has unfinished business with Welzein as he wants revenge.

Meanwhile Maroni hatches a plan to rob Falcone’s casino. Across town Falcone meets with Fish Mooney and her Russian contact for ways to turn the Arkham deal against Maroni.

Oswald Cobblepot talks to Maroni tells him that he knows a lot about the casino that he wants to rip off. Cobblepot reveals to Maroni that he used to work for Fish Mooney. Gordon is tracked down and forced to meet with to Maroni to corroborate Cobblepot’s story – which he does. Cobblepot is telling the truth and Maroni makes it clear that he knows Gordon’s secret with Cobblepot and won’t be afraid to extort it in the future.

Jim and harvey reach out to Isaac Steiner, a former professor of Potolsky’s. Steiner reveals that Potolsky‘s employers Welzein–and through ownership–Wayne Enterprises, were designed drugs to be used for the military. The drug would have created an army of super soldiers. The drug was first called “venom” and underwent many changes before Potolsky was let go. Steinerreveals that he has been working with Potolsky to plot revenge against Welzein and Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce and Alfred attend an event at Wayne Enterprises where Bruce confronts a board member about the board’s involvement in the Arkham project. Before Bruce can ask any more questions, Potolsky appears on a broadcast sating Wayne Entreprises involvement with the viper project and proceeds to pump viper into the room. Gordon and Bullock break through and evacuate the building.

Gordon and Bullock confront Potolsky on the buildings roof top, where he inhales a huge amount of Viper. He tells Gordon and Bullock to go to warehouse 39 before he jumps off the top of a building to his death.

They investigate the warehouse to find an abandoned laboratory where there is nothing. Meanwhile one of the Wayne Enterprises board members is keeping a watchful eye on them.

The heist of Falcone’s casino proves to work out just fine. This brings Cobblepot closer in Maroni’s circle. Meanwhile Fish Mooney and her Russian partner plot to take down Falcone. Earlier in the episode Fish has been training her “secret weapon” whom is a young girl trained to fall in love and i’m guessing kill Falcone.

The episode ends as Falcone approaches the girl in the park who is humming Falcone’s favorite Opera. They both sit on the stairs and listen to the girls headphones. Uh oh! This looks like it could be the beginning of the end for Falcone. I guess we will see what happens!

Overall I thought the episode was good. Gotham is still trying to find its footing, but it was nice to see that it’s not trying to jam so many stories in it’s episodes and giving certain story lines a break. I also enjoyed seeing Wayne Enterprises being kind of corrupt and being shady. You know things are not going to be good until Bruce takes over his company. We can also continue to see an on going feud between Falcone and Maroni. It will be interesting to see what Penguin/Fish Mooney have up their sleeves.

So what did you think about the latest episode of Gotham?


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