Rick Baker Reveals Aliens From Unmade Steven Spielberg Film That Inspired E.T.

Visual effects guru Rick Baker has released images of the aliens he designed for Night Skies, which was an unmade Steven Spielberg film. Night Skies was to be a sequel to Speilberg’s previous film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  The movie would have featured 5 aliens that terrorized a family in their home (think Gremlins). While the other 4 aliens wanted to terrorize the family, the fifth alien that was innocent and was kind named ‘buddy’. He wanted to understand the humans, not scare them. After reading the script, screenwriter Melissa Mathison reworked it to be about ‘buddy’ who befriends an autistic boy of the family. He saves the family from being experimented on and is abandoned on earth by his own kind to walk the forests alone. Even though the film wasn’t made it had a heavy influence on Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982).

Below you will find concept art that Empire recently published as well as some models created for the Night Skies movie courtesy of Rick baker. Check them out!


The images were illustrated by Ed Verreaux, showing different versions of E.T. displaying all kinds of emotions.



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