Superman Co-Creator Jerry Siegel Was Born 100 Years Ago Today

Jerry Siegel, the writer who co-created Superman in the 1930s, was born one hundred years ago today, on October 17, 1914.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster changed the face of comics forever by exposing Superman to the masses. Never before had there been a hero such as him. Fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

Superman was one of my favorite Superheroes growing up in Cleveland, OH. Little did I know that it was the birthplace of Superman. Siegal grew up in Cleveland just a view blocks north of Superman co-creator Joe Schuster’s home. It’s at his home in Cleveland in 1932 that the 18 year old Jerry Siegel invented the Man of Steel. If you are passing by Cleveland, make sure to swing by Jerry Siegle’s childhood home.

Siegel created more than 50 characters, including most of Superman’s main supporting cast as well as other characters such as The Spectre. He worked for DC, Marvel, Archie and the list goes on and on.

Siegel passed away in 1996, aged 81.

Thank you Mr. Siegel for all of your contributions and creating one of the most famous and beloved superheroes known to man. You truly made comic books fun to read.  Happy Birthday Mr. Siegel.


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