James Cameron Considers Rebooting Terminator Franchise

James Cameron spoke with Empire Magazine recently saying that he’d be up for an entire franchise reboot when he regains the rights to Terminator in 2019.

“I’ve got plenty of time to think about it,” Cameron said. “It might be fun to completely re-invent the franchise.”

I would be glad to see James Cameron return to the series that made him the blockbuster director he is today. It’s just a bummer that Cameron still has to wait half of a decade. Well before he takes over we will get three separate Terminator films. The next entry,Terminator: Genisys, opens next july with a starring role from Schwarzenegger himself. Cameron conceded to the magazine that by 2019, “people may have Terminator fatigue. If Cameron were to return and direct….it’s likely that the fans would come back in droves for another movie. (I know I would!)

And that’s something I can give a thumbs up to!


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