COMICS: Death of Wolverine (MAJOR SPOILERS)


Marvel decided to do the impossible: Wolverine is dead.

The “Death of Wolverine” comic series was only four issues long. As you can guess in the final issue, Wolverine dies.

I won’t go into detail what happened in the issue – you’ll need to pick up the comic book to enjoy the ending of Death of Wolverine! I will tell you how he meets his end. Wolverine confronts the evil Dr. Cornelius, and he learns that the scientist who fused adamantium to his skeleton has been performing experiments on humans to turn them into mindless weapons and create an army.

The last thing they need is to be pumped full of adamantium and Wolverine sacrifices himself by puncturing the adamantium tank and due to that it completely covers him. In his last moments he takes care of Dr. Cornelius and walks outside to kneel down and stares into the dessert sun. He dies wrapped in the very metal that was fused in him for so long. Logan was able to do one last heroic thing before he died – and it was a noble death, sacrificing himself to save others from the torment he had gone through all those years ago.

It’s a shame to see such a great Marvel character killed off, but Wolverine will be back – mark my words! He’s too popular to remain dead! (trust me, remember when DC killed off Superman?)  No one remains dead in comics…for long anyways! Do yourself a favor and pick up Death of Wolverine, you won’t be disappointed (well a little because Logan is dead- but it’s an awesome series).


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