ARROW Season 2 Episode 1 ‘Sara’ Recap

Last weeks episode of Arrow rocked fans to the core with the loss of Sara. This episode was a tough one. Laurel brings Sara’s body back to the Arrow cave where the team walks in shocked to see a bloodied Sara lying lifeless on a table with three arrows in her stomach. Everyone is taking the loss very hard, especially Laurel. She vows that she is going to help Oliver catch who ever did this.

We flash back to Oliver on the rooftop in China ready to reluctantly take out a target for Amanda Waller. The target just so happens to be Olivers best friend Tommy! Oliver refuses to kill his best friend and knows there must be another way. The reason for Tommy being in Hong Kong was that an alert was triggered when Oliver accessed his email while trying to make an escape from Amanda and Tommy received the alert. Amanda can’t have anyone prying about Oliver which is why Tommy has to die.

Oliver realizes there is another way to get rid of Tommy – by convincing Tommy that he’s dead. Oliver abducts and ties Tommy up to a chair. He is interrogated by Oliver in disguise. He tells Tommy that “Oliver is dead” and that the email was just a ransom for Tommy which causes Tommy to break down after realizing that his friend is dead. Oliver had to lie in order to save Tommy’s life.

We flash back to present day with Felicity meeting with Ray Palmer to tell him to basically stop stalking her. Ray is relentless because he wants Felicity to work for him. Ray even goes as far as purchasing  the electronics store chain to get her attention. Felicity breaks down crying while talking to Ray. Ray realizes that she is mad at something else and he apologizes.

Through this episode Oliver remains cold and emotionless. Investigating the murder scene – he has no time to grieve but to continue to bury himself in his work. A search for another archer leads him to Simon Lacroix – a.k.a Komodo. Team Arrow tracks down Komodo down where Oliver and Komodo go head to head by playing a little chicken on their motorcycles while shooting arrows at each other. Oliver is knocked off his bike and Komodo escapes. Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver is asked why he is so cold and emotionless, Oliver reveals that he doesn’t have the luxury to show emotion because everyone is looking to him to lead.

Laurel decides to get the job rolling herself. She interviews a man that Komodo tried to kill in the hospital. She finds out vital information before the man is killed via an arrow by Komodo. Laurel informs the team of the information that she learned and Team Arrow discovers that Komodo’s next target will be attending a party Ray Palmer is throwing at Queen Consolidated. Oliver gears up while Laurel does some gearing up of her own with a glock. He talks down Laurel saying that Sara was trained by some of the best killers in history and she was killed by Komodo – what exactly is Laurel going to do?

Roy and Oliver take on Komodo but they prove to be too much for him – who makes an escape. Oliver pursues him alone and subdues Komodo with an arrow. Laurel shows up and threatens to shoot Komodo dead but learns that Komodo did not kill Sara as he was too busy “getting drunk”  celebrating some recent kills in Bloodhaven thus giving him an alibi. (It was so cool to hear Bloodhaven mentioned in this episode! Could we possibly see Nightwing soon?)

It turns out that his story checks out according to Oliver and Laurel realizes that she almost killed the wrong man. Even though the trail has run cold, Oliver promises Laurel that he will eventually find the killer. Laurel realizes that she needs to tell her father that Sara is dead, but cannot bear to put her father through that as he has a heart condition and she does not want to upset him further.

Team Arrow ends up giving Sara a heroes burial, which was hard to watch. Laurel tells everyone that it’s not fair because no one will ever know what she did or accomplished as Canary.

The episode ends with Felicity taking the job with Ray Palmer stating that she needs to stat living a normal life. Laurel grieves for Sara and holds onto sara’s black jacket (foreshadowing anybody? It’s only a matter of time before Laurel becomes Black Canary). Diggle comforts his daughter whom is named Sara in her crib. Meanwhile, Oliver begins to worry that he hasn’t heard from Thea, which forces Roy to tell him the truth about why she left town.

So where is Thea? It turns out she is in Corto Maltese. Her father Malclom Merlyn has been training Thea to fight the whole time she has been gone. During a training session, Malcolm congratulates Thea on a job weell done. Thea responds saying “thanks dad”. Ohhh damn – say it ain’t so Thea! It looks like Thea has gone to the dark side!

So what did you think? Did you enjoy the latest episode?


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