New Care Bears Series Headed to Netflix in 2016

It’s time to get nostalgic up in here because Netflix will be launching a new Care Bears series in 2016.

The series will join other nostalgic shows such as The Magic School Bus and Popples as Netflix continues its initiative to draw in younger viewers.

“A lot of it is just ‘trusted brand,'” Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos said. Translation: parents are likely to let their children watch a new version of a show that they themselves used to watch.

For those of you who remember, Care Bears reached their peak popularity in the 1980’s with a popular animated series, figures and plush toys. If you grew up in the 80’s you had at least one Care Bear (don’t lie). The show was aimed at young children from toddlers through elementary school.

Netflix is trying to gain a larger following of young viewers and old alike. Netflix is truly building a diverse viewership of all ages with shows for everyone. Are you excited for a new Care Bears cartoon? Check out the intro for the original cartoon below.

Source: CNN

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