Archie Meets Predator Crossover Coming From Dark Horse And Archie Comics

Move over Arnold – Here comes ARCHIE!

Through time there have been epic cross over comics such as Alien vs. predator, but this spring Archie Andrews will some how cross paths with the ultimate hunter from the Predator films in a new four-issue crossover series Archie Meets Predator. The series will be written by Alex de Campi, drawn by Fernando Ruiz, and co-published by Dark Horse and Archie Comics.

The Riverdale gang (Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica etc.) will be vacationing in Costa Rica for Spring Break, where they suddenly encounter the Predator and shenanigans ensue!

“After Betty is revealed to be borrowing Cheryl Blossom’s clothes to compete, she and Veronica have a fight and she tearfully runs off into the jungle where, let’s say, she isn’t alone,” de Campi says.

De Campi hints that when the gang leaves Costa Rica, they’ll have a little extra luggage….

“Everybody does end up back in Riverdale, as do those big trunks of clothes that Veronica brought. Trunks so big, you could hide a Predator in them. Her Vuitton will never quite smell the same again.”

You can catch Archie Meets Predator sometime in spring 2015.


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