THE FLASH: First Look at Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom


The Flash was spotted filming a fight scene for an upcoming episode in Canada last night. The fight features two stuntmen dressed as The Flash and another dressed as ‘Reverse Flash’/’Professor Zoom’!

This is our true first look at The Flash’s arch-nemesis. We previously posted a leaked photo of the Reverse Flash which looked like it was from a cast/crew banner congratulating everyone on the first premiere episode. I’m guessing this is something that will be shot for maybe the end of the season. Finding the murderer of his mother and redeeming his father seems to be the overall story arc for Barry – so I imagine that Reverse Flash will be around for a while.

In the photos it looks like The Flash is having a rough time as he fights his nemesis. He is lying on his back which is probably not a good sign. I’m guessing The Flash does not have a full grasp of his powers yet when this confrontation takes place, as it looks like Reverse Flash obviously has a handle on his powers.

I’m glad to see the show stayed faithful to the comic book and has Reverse Flash wearing a yellow (and black) costume that’s identical to The Flash. You have to remember, Reverse Flash is a villain from the future (the 25th century). Because he is so fast, he can travel in time. In the comics, he uses that ability to screw up Barry’s life big time. We saw a glimpse of that villainy in the pilot episode – He’s the yellow blur that murdered Barry’s mother.

So what do you guys/gals think of Reverse Flash? Let us know in the comments!



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