CW Considering Another DC Comics TV Show

The Question is, who will it be?

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has successfully launched many different tv shows based on DC Comic Book characters. We know they have future plans for other shows based on various DC Comics characters (Supergirl, Teen Titans, and Booster Gold to name just to name a few), but they will be featured on different networks than the CW which features Arrow and The Flash. Based upon the fact that Arrow and Flash are performing so well, it seems like the CW is hoping to add a third character to the mix!

In an interview with Buzzfeed, CW President Mark Pedowitz explains that nothing is concrete, but that discussions are “ongoing” about moving forward with another superhero show. He wouldn’t mention any names, but says that the success of Arrow and The Flash has really propelled plans forward.

So who could it be? I’m guessing it will be a spin off, kind of like what happened with Arrow/The Flash. I could definitely see Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) getting his own show as he just made his debut in the Arrow season 3 premiere episode. I’m sure The Flash will introduce new characters as well. What about The Suicide Squad? I remember hearing rumblings over a Suicide Squad show not too long ago. I could make guesses all day.

What do you think? Who do you want to see join forces with Arrow and The Flash?

Fun Fact: The CW approached Liam Neeson to play Ras Al Ghul in Arrow. As far as I know – he turned them down. Yeah. That would have been pretty damn cool and somewhat weird as it would have connected Arrow and The Dark Knight movie series.


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