The People Behind the Horror Film ‘Ouija’ have Created a Viral Prank Video

The prank itself involves luring victims into a psychic’s store. The woman playing the role of the psychic is able to pop her eyeballs out of the sockets…at will. That would be enough to freak me out but lets add to the fact that a creature emerges from the floor boards. Uh. no. If I saw that I would sprint faster than Usain Bolt and I wouldn’t look back.

I think its a fun premise for a movie. It’s a game that everyone has access to. I remember playing it as a kid with other friends always asking if I “moved” the pointer. The idea of using a Ouija board has freaked out so many people after seeing many horror movies and hearing so many stories about it.

Now that i’m a grown man, I think its comical, but there is a voice in the back of my head that says – forget that man!

The prank was filmed via a hidden cam, and has just been released to help promote the film which will be released October 24th. Check out the prank video and the trailer for Ouija’ below.

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