‘Myst’ Coming to a TV near you!

Okay…so where do I go now?

I think it’s safe to say that Myst is probably one of the most popular PC games ever. I remember playing this game as a kid and being frustrated at all of the puzzles. Well it looks like Myst is going to make a comeback on television and computer screens!

Legendary TV & Digital Media has signed a deal to make a dramatic series with Cyan Worlds, the company behind the beloved point-and-click adventure game from the 1990s!

The deal would include a plan to create a new video game that would accompany the story of the tv show. Myst was designed by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. It was a point and click puzzle game where you play the role of “the stranger” who explores the island of Myst and different worlds known as “ages”. There were multiple sequels and novels created about Myst, so there should be PLENTY of source material for this tv show.

Fans of Myst have to be pumped (I know I am). I think it’s a great story and would be glad to see it come to tv. Anybody else have the urge to play Myst?

Source: Deadline

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