Microsoft’s RoomAlive turns your living room into a video game!

RoomAlive is a new system that projects content throughout a room that you can interact with (or shoot), as shown in the insane video below.

RoomAlive uses multiple “procams” consisting of off-the-shelf projectors, Kinects and a control device. Microsoft claims that it’s completely auto-calibrating and self-locating, enabling it to calculate the entire 3D geometry of your room in minutes.

Once installed, RoomAlive will track your movement/weapons as you stomp or shoot a creature. There are different games and it looks like something that could be really special.

Its far from being an actual product that you can buy – but damn isn’t it cool? I suppose you could give it a go by setting up multiple projectors and kinects the same way Microsoft did (if you have the time + money). This has huge potential and could take video gaming to a whole other level.

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