‘DREDD’ story Continues with Online Miniseries

 DREDD fans are still waiting and holding on to hope that there will be a sequel and chances are that we might not get one. There is some good news though, the movie’s executive producer Adi Shankar has announced that we’ll be getting a seven-part miniseries later this month which will focus on the Dark Judges  – Death, Fear, Fire, and Mortis.

The miniseries will be available to watch online for free later this month (keep your eyes peeled for where you can watch it). There has been no word yet on whether Karl Urban will return to don the helmet again, but the producer did manage to get Thomas Jane back to play Frank Castle for the Punisher short so it’s definitely a possibility. Below is Shankar’s video, thanking the fans for their support. This is awesome news, if any movie deserves a sequel – it’s definitely DREDD. Shankar is definitely an awesome guy and is clearly passionate about his storytelling. We look forward to upcoming mini-series, how about you?

And here is one of my many favorite moments from DREDD.


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