GAME OF THRONES: First Look At Jonathan Pryce As ‘The High Sparrow’

The latest set photos from the season 5 set of HBO’s Game Of Thrones give us our first glimpse of Jonathan Pryce as the man responsible for Cersei’s “walk”, The High Sparrow. There’s also some shots of King Tommen!

Here is a scene description according to Winter is coming:

“King Tommen, along with the Goldcloaks and the Lannister guards arrives at the steps but is stopped by the Faith Militant. They will not let him through as “his holiness is praying”. The Goldcloak leader encourages a battle but king Tommen defuses the situation and leaves with his guards. As he is leaving, the crowd beneath the steps yells “Bastard, abomination.”. A short scene, but took a long time to make, as there were a LOT of angles, extras on scene. The steps are filled with beggars and Sparrows attending to them and bellow the steps is a rundown marketplace with the sick and hungry walking about and the Sparrows helping them.”

Source: Winter is Coming
Images: Jurgen Voigt


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