The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle pulled in a healthy $37M this weekend. Which isn’t bad at all! So I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a sequel for Annabelle. Could her next film be an all out battle with the original killer doll himself – Chucky?

Child’s Play creator Don Mancini explains how he would love to see a Chucky/Annabelle crossover movie.

“I am hoping that at some future point we have Annabelle and Chucky team up,I can see that (even) in 20 years from now.”

Mancini has written all of the film’s in the Child’s Play franchise. Although the series went downhill in the past decade, there is still enough of an interest to warrant a seventh film, which Mancini is currently writing. Could Annabelle make a cameo in that one?

“We would be into it, the only problem is that we are in different studios. That would probably be years worth of red tape to work it out,” says Mancini. “But if it all could be worked out, then yes, we’re very into it.”

I don’t think it would happen as I believe there are different plans for Annabelle. But how cool would it be? I mean we got Freddy Vs. Jason, why not Chucky Vs. Annabelle? What do you horror freaks think? Do you think a team up/vs. movie would be awesome or just a disaster?

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