Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Footage Reveals Luke SkyWalker’s Refuge?

Apparently some footage has leaked from the  Star Wars Episode VII set. The video was uploaded to Youtube and quickly pulled down. This could be a clever tease or it could be very real for the fact the video was pulled down so quickly. It shows footage from “Lukes Refuge” – It looks like Luke is taking a page out of  Obi-Wan’s book. This could be the work of a fan trying to get some publicity for themselves. There is no sign of Mark Hamill’s face and it all just looks too convenient.

I understand people taking set photos, but i’m sorry but this movie is TOO BIG of a property for Disney to just let footage get leaked out. Then again who knows – it looks like it could be test footage of some sort. The watermark makes it look legit, but you can fake anything these days. If it is real? Search your feelings – what do you guys/gals think?

Source: Techno Buffalo


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