GAME OF THRONES: Lena Headey and Behind the Scenes Photos

HBO’s Game Of Thrones season 5 continues to film in Croatia, meanwhile actress Lena Headey has posted a pic of herself in full costume as the Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister. Also some behind the scenes photos of King’s Landing sets and props from Dubrovnik have popped up online.

It sounds like Lena Headey’s character Cersei is going to be the main focus here. People are speculating…. (SPOILER ALERT) Cersei’s infamous “walk”, in which she is stripped of her clothes and forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing as punishment for her crimes. No pics of that have leaked yet and probably will not…..ya pervs!

Props to Seek new Travel as they took a few snaps of some of the set designs, props, and extras on hand. Check them out!

Source: Seek New Travel, Winter Is Coming


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