The New Female Thor launches this week – and she’s here to stay!

In order to stay relevant and to stay alive, super heroes have to change with the times. We are seeing changes already with certain characters changing their sexual orientation, ethnicity changes in marquee characters, and sex changes in characters.

Change is on the horizon tomorrow as Thor, one of Marvel’s core characters….becomes a woman. The hammer of Mjolnir has judged the Odinson unworthy, leaving Thor weakened. A mystery woman shows up and welds his famous weapon, takes his role and even his name. DAMN – that’s cold. This has to be one of the biggest changes Marvel has ever made to a character and Thor Series writer Jason Aaron wanted it to be this way.

Thor first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 in 1962. He was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. Aaron goes on to explain the evolution of Thor:

“To have somebody else come in and pick up that hammer and be changed by it, to me, is an evolution of that idea started by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1962.”

Aaron has been working on Thor’s mythology since 2012 when he launged Thor: God of Thunder. There is always a question of worthiness throughout Aaron’s work on Thor.

“I’ve always written him as a god who wakes up everyday and looks at that hammer and doesn’t know if he’s gonna be able to pick it up,” said Aaron. “So he’s always sort of worrying and praying about if he’s a good enough god and is he truly worthy in the grand scheme of things. I love the idea of taking that away from him.” This is a dark time in the character’s life, he says, and it’s his greatest test grappling with the loss of his greatest weapon.”

Aw man. I had a big home improvement project coming up too.

Thor’s world has changed around him, because women now play a central role in his existence. Asgardia is now ruled by goddesses known as the All-Mothers. He is surrounded by women who are pretty much stronger than him and could easily defeat him with all of his strength. So I guess you could say it was a matter of time I guess.

Many fans reacted negatively and many have reacted positively. You cannot deny though that some characters just need a change and sometimes it might be time to tell a new story. Falcon will inherit the role of Captain America and becomes the first African-American to wear the stars and stripes. Kamala Khan became the new Ms. Marvel last year and the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book series. Archie was killed off after he saved his gay best friend from an assassin’s bullet. The list goes on. This is the trend in comics that has left and wondering if its all just a publicity stunt.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t – I think they are just trying to freshen up the Thor series. Just remember a character is never dead or completely gone. They are comics after all. We will see the odinson again and who knows maybe He-Thor and She-Thor will share the same powers and coexist in the same universe…. or the power of Thor will be transferred to a new character.


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