Gotham: Episode 2 “Selina” Review

The title of the episode was “Selina Kyle“, but the story wasn’t really all that much about her (it was more about the
child-trafficking ring in which she was kidnapped) and it didn’t really reveal anything about the character. The episode also focused on Oswald Cobblepot’s struggles to regain a foothold outside of Gotham City, and Fish Mooney facing down Don Carmine Falcone.

Oswald Cobblepot, resurfaced from he waters of Gotham gets his land legs and is seen limping on the side of the road. A car of frat boys picks him up only to chastise him when he gets inside. Cobblepot slits the throat of frat boy #1 and tries to hold frat bro #2 for ransom. The Major Crime detectives interview his weird crazy mother (played by Carol Kane) and nothing comes of the interview. Penguin pulls over in the country where a man has a trailer for rent, which penguin gladly pays for. The trailer is plastered with a map of gotham and pictures of Fish Mooney and other characters. We have not seen the last of the Penguin, but its clear he’s planning something.

Jada Pinkett’s Fish Mooney continues to shine in the second episode. She comes face to face with Don Carmine Falcone who says that Oswald Cobblepot told him before his “death” that Mooney thought that Falcone was old and weak and could easily be taken out. She denies of course. Mooney wants to kill that old man with her bare hands. Damn girl. She comes to the realization that she cannot battle Falcone in her current state as she does not have enough power. She needs to play the game and wait for the time to be right to make her move. She also met with Jim and Harvey (whom she almost had killed) and even gave them some information. It looks like Mooney is intrigued with Gordon. (Just like Catwoman is with Batman)

The lackies gathering children for the benefit of the Dollmaker were entertaining yet foolish. As we all know the lackies and goons of major Batman Villians are dumb as bricks. It was pretty cool to see that the Doll Maker exists within the Gotham world. Even though we just saw him on a couple episodes of Arrow episodes last season. If you are not familiar with the Dollmaker, there have been multiple Dollmakers in DC comics. The first Dollmaker (an enemy of Plastic Man) used dolls that he could control, The second Dollmaker (appeared in Supergirl comics) could use dolls that he modified into mobile weapons. The third Dollmaker is probably the most memorable one. He is a gifted surgeon turned serial killer who creates “dolls” of the skin and limbs of his victims. I’m curious to see how Gotham will handle the Doll Maker. While there cannot be any cross overs between Gotham and Arrow/The Flash, the fact that it takes place decades before Arrow, means that it can play around with shared villians.

Bruce Wayne is having some dark thoughts in this episode sketching out weird imagery which look like eyes looking over gotham (batman reference) and listening to heavy metal. I knew batman listened to heavy metal…I KNEW IT! Alfred seeks advice and asks Jim to swing by for a visit as Bruce “respects” Jim more so than Alfred. I like the relationship between Alfred and Bruce. Its an interesting situation between a man who has never raised a child, and a child who is suffering from a horrible event. Alfred is stern in his raising of Burce, and Bruce is not having any of it. The Waynes told Alfred that if they ever passed away that Alfred could trust in Bruce’s choices. I believe they will become closer throughout the seasons of Gotham probably with the help of Jim.

Finally we get to Selina whom insists on going by the name “Cat”. We get it…she is going to be Catwoman one day. Selina doesn’t really play a big part in the episode until the end. She claws/pokes a dudes eyes out. DAMN! So brutal……and remember this show is on primetime television. I love as he screams in agony “is it bad”? Well minus your eyes…yeah I guess it’s fine. Well at least he was put out of his misery. I was hoping Selina would somehow dispose of the woman who was pursuing her, but of course Gordon swoops in and saves her.  I’d love to see more exploration into her character, and perhaps we will see more as the season develops.

Overall not a bad episode. Gotham is bordering on campy, but I don’t mind – I like the direction its going in. It also looks like we will have some plot development on who killed the Waynes as Selina saw it all go down. She said she saw the perp as clear as day (even though he was dressed entirely i black and all you could only see his eyes).

So what do you think Bat-gang? Do you think the second episode was better than the first? Give us your thoughts and opinions! Email us at and we will discuss your thoughts on our next podcast!

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