First Episode of Fanmade Nightwing Web Series Released

The first episode of the YouTube fan series based on the DC Comics character Nightwing has been released. The series is titled ‘Nightwing: The Series’ by Ismahawk and MG Studio.

The episode has Deathstroke storming onto the scene in Bludhaven killing a U.S. senator, and Nightwing trying to track him down.

I think this is great and very well done. I’m a huge fan of fan films and web series alike. There is so much love and dedication to these and you can definitely tell its there in Nightwing: The Series. The visual elements and music are definitely inspired by the Dark Knight films right down to Deathstroke crashing the party of a senator (reminds me of Joker crashing Harvey Dents party) – love it. I think my favorite part was the guy breaking the bottle over Deathstrokes head and Deathstroke’s reaction “really”? I could honestly see Nightwing being made into a television series – something similar to ARROW and having success. Make sure to check it out and support these guys! After all they are just like you and me – they are fans. The next episode will be released October 6th.

For more information visit their Facebook page:

You can hit them up on twitter:

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