Family Guy and The Simpsons Cross Over Recap!

Finally the cross over we have all been waiting years for – Family Guy and Simpsons!

This article is a Spoiler alert. If you have not seen the Family Guy/Simpsons cross-over….then read another of our lovely articles.

The episode starts with the Griffins watching an episode of a “All in The Family/Modern Family crossover episode.” Chris says how he loves the motivations behind the cross over, which Stewie makes a remark that a crossover doesn’t reek of desperation or anything. Peter enters the house with a newspaper upset with the comic strip. He believes he can create a better comic strip and does so by quickly leaving the house and coming back with a newspaper with his comic strip published in it.

The comic strip quickly becomes popular. One of his comics is a misogynistic strip, which Lois dislikes. Brian tells Peter that he has outraged online bloggers and that Peter should apologize. Peter goes on a show called “the Flow” (which mocks  The View) and continues to make misogynistic remarks – leading to a huge protest on his lawn.

The family doesn’t feel safe and decide to leave town for a while and wait for things to blow over.

They stop at a gas station to find out exactly where they are – because everyone in the car has been sleeping and has no clue where they are. Their car is suddenly stolen, stranding them in a town called…..”Springfield”.

The Griffens walk through Springfield and end up at the Kwik-E-Mart to get some food. Apu recommends the donuts. When they say they cannot pay, Homer comes in and orders a dozen donuts for them, while taking half for himself and saying he thinks peter and him are going to get along “just okay”. He even tells peter how to properly eat a donut….mmmmm donuts.

Homer takes Peter to the police station to report the car theft, where Wiggum takes at the report and tells them that he is probably going to ignore it.

Back at the Simpson’s house, Marge welcomes the Giffins to stay with them until they find their car. Bart is thought to be at camp, but barges through the door saying that he got kicked out. Bart shows Brian and Stewie his room where they decide to prank phone call Moe. Stewie gives it a try and does it terribly.

Lisa shows Meg her room, where Meg is impressed by all of Lisa’s trophies. Meg remarks that she is not good at anything and  Lisa tries to find out what Meg is good at. Lisa is nice to Meg, whereas meg is always subject to verbal abuse by her family.

At dinner both families are sitting at the table, minus brian who is told that dogs do not sit at the table and that he must eat in the kitchen with Santa’s Little Helper.

Peter and Homer remark that the Springfield Police are a joke and that as a team they could find the stolen car on their own. This results in a cut scene featuring a cameo by Bob from Bob’s Burgers and Cleveland.

Brian and Chris take Santa’s Little Helper for a walk which makes Brian angry. Brian decides that Santa’s Little helper is a big boy and should be free to be off a leash like him, in which Santa’s Little Helper runs right away. Chris and Brian chase it through town past Patty and Selma into the hospital where Dr. Nick asks Santa’s Little Helper to prep for surgery. The dog runs away into Krusty Burger to the back of the restaurant into a cage full of dogs labeled “burger meat”. All of the dogs break free and run out of the restaurant

Bart takes Stewie to the skate park and shows him how to skate. Stewie remarks how cool it is to be hanging with Bart and really looks up to Bart. He sees Bart get bullied and punched by Nelson, which causes Stewie to get even. He sets up a dummy on a park bench marked “nerd with free lunch money” and while nelson is punching it, Stewie shoots him in the neck with a dart knocking him out.

Peter and Homer decide to set up a car wash, free for stolen cars, in order to try and find his car. Plenty of stolen cars show up, but none are Peter’s. So now both must “put on a show” and wash every creeps car. Which is hilarious. Wiggum and Lou are on the scene where Lou asks Wiggum if they should arrest all of the people in stolen cars. Wiggum remarks “After the show Lou, after the show”.

Back at home Lisa continues to try to find something for Meg to be good at. Exsausting all options, Lisa hands Meg her saxophone to give it shot. Meg ends up being great at it, which makes Lisa mad, and tells Meg she was okay but not to waste her time with it.

In a dark room, Nelson is seen tied to a chair with a gag ball in his mouth and a number of torture devices set up around the room. Rather than use all the devices, Stewie forces Nelson to “eat his shorts”.

Later at Moes, Peter decides to share a Pawtucket Patriot Ale with Homer, who isn’t impressed. It turns out that its a Duff rip-off as Moe rips off the label to reveal the duff logo. A lawyer from Duff appears on the scene and tells Peter that they are sewing Pawtucket Patriot Ale. for intellectual property theft. The next day the Griffins and Simpsons head to court, where the audience is composed of different family Guy/Simpsons characters who briefly interact with each other.

The judge turns out to be Fred Flintstone (as both Homer and Peter are based upon him) and finds in favor of Duff. This would mean that Pawtucket Patriot Ale would close and that Peter would be out of a job and that many others would be too.

The Griffins decide to leave as their car is back (Hans Moleman accidentally took the car and hits Peter with it). Santa’s Little Helper comes back, Lisa gives meg her saxophone – but Peter takes it and puts it in the trash and says there is no room in the car. Before he leaves, Stewie reveals that he has a present for Bart. All of Barts enemies are seen tied up in the garage including Sideshow Bob, Principal Skinner, Jimbo and Nelson. Bart can’t believe what he’s seeing and tells Stewie that he freaks him out and that they cannot be friends.

Homer apologizes to Peter for getting the brewery shut down, but Peter decides to be a jerk to Homer which results a long fight between Homer and Peter. Both are given nuclear powers as they crash into the Springfield Nuclear plant. Eventually the fight is taken to outer space on board a spaceship with cameos by Kang, Kodos and Roger from American Dad! The spaceship crashes to earth not being able to jump the Springfield Gorge. Both fall from the UFO and continue to fight on the ground. Homer is apparently killed by the falling UFO as Peter walks way in the the distance. Homer suddenly wakes up and walks out from under the UFO as if nothing happened and sits down next to Peter who is waiting for him. He tells Homer that he’s still there because Homer is parked behind him in the driveway. Both make up and say that they will keep a half hour distance between the two. The episode ends with the Griffins back in Quahog with Stewie in his room sulking about being rejected by Bart using the Simpsons chalkboard gag. The Brewery ends up still being in working operation, as they dobt anyone from Springfield would ever come to Quahog to enforce the ruling.

I absolutely loved the cross-over. Many people thought that a cross-over between the two shows couldn’t work – that the humor was drastically different.  I believe they did a brilliant job balancing both shows ideas sense of humor. In most cases TV cross-overs can feel hokey, but I never felt that way about the Family Guy/Simpsons. I loved Stewie’s remark early in the episode about cross-over tv shows coming off as “desperate”, but that was not the case here. I believe it worked out perfectly and made both shows look even better.

What did you think about the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover? Did you love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think!


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