Captain America 3: Will Red Skull be Returning?

In an interview on AMC Movie Talk, Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe & Anthony Russo were asked about if the possibility of bringing Red Skull back for Captain America 3

“I think we heard that prior to our involvement with the project. I think we heard that they may have had that conversation at one point, but we weren’t around for it, so it’s hard for us to comment on it,” said Anthony Russo.

Joe Russo said, “Specifically, the tone that we were chasing in that movie…I know we have a guy in a computer, but the tone we were chasing was sort of that conspiracy thriller. And we wanted to try and ground the movie as much as we could. And Red Skull, he’s a fantastical character and didn’t necessarily fit for Cap 2 and especially because it was about the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. Certainly Hydra exists and that’s his legacy, but there’s something interesting about the fact that his legacy outlived the skull. And they’re still dealing with the demons of it, but not necessarily him. That doesn’t preclude him from returning, because he’s certainly in the rogues gallery of Captain America characters. He’s the preeminent figure, so that doesn’t preclude him from returning. It didn’t necessarily make sense for Cap 2 though.”

I for one would love to see Red Skull back on the big screen. He is the ultimate arch enemy of Captain American – you have to bring him back. Maybe he is already back and just in hiding? Could we see a team up with him and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker? All we can do is wait and speculate as Captain America 3 hits theaters May 6, 2016


One response to “Captain America 3: Will Red Skull be Returning?

  1. It makes a bit more sense to bring the Skull back for the “Agent Carter” TV series, set in the 1940s, but for the most part I can’t believe anyone “returns” after being atomized by holding a tesseract for too long.


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