The Quack Attack is Back Jack! Mighty Ducks Cast Reunites

It’s official…my inner child is freaking out. The cast of D2: The Mighty Ducks reunited! They naturally made a flying V of course!

Flying V! #mightyducks reunion

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I absolutely treasured the Mighty Ducks movies growing up. It assembled a group of misfit kids led by a man sentenced to do community service by coaching a District 5 PeeWee hockey team to a Championship. In the next movie the Ducks get to represent the U.S. in the Junior Goodwill Games. There are old and new faces on the team this time around. There are so many memorable moments in D2 such as the famous line “It’s Knuckle puck time”, and the Bash Brothers laying the smack down on Iceland. In the end The U.S.defeats Iceland (big surprise right) I loved these movies though because the Ducks were always the underdogs and they rose to the occasion.

Its fun to see members of the cast sharing some photos to give us a look at how they appear two decades after D2.

I almost did not recognize Goldberg!

Boys grow up to be men #Goldberg #mightyducks #20yearreunion

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The Flock at waters edge. #mightyducks

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#BennyTheJet #sandlot #mightyducks reunion

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It is truly awesome to see the cast coming together twenty years later, and that we even got to see photos from the reunion. I don’t know about you but this calls for a Mighty Ducks marathon! Go watch it you cake eater!


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