Wolverine Statue Proposed by Canadian Government Official

Right now there is a campaign to get a life-size Wolverine statue built in Edmonton, Alberta. Yes you read that right. The campaign only has support from one city official.

City Councillor Andrew Knack, who says he’s a fan of the Marvel character, told CTV News the following:

“The first reaction is, this is kind of funny, But then you realize they’re taking this very seriously. I think it’s a great idea, assuming we go about it the right approach, can’t be taxpayer dollars to fund a statue of Wolverine.”

Two Edmonton citizens launched a petition via change.org, lobbying Mayor Don Iveson to pay tribute to Alberta’s own son with a statue in city hall, or the nearby grounds of the Legislative Assembly. How awesome is that? I could just imagine walking out of City Hall seeing Logan Rage out at me.  The petition has 2,425 supporters to date. Many people know that Wolvine is Canadian, but it is established in the comics that he is from Alberta.

This reminds me of the push to get a Robocop statue in Detroit. If the Wolverine statue becomes reality, would you take a road trip to Edmonton to see it?


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