More Details About The Walking Dead Season 5

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln recently revealed to TVGUIDE some spoilers about the upcoming season 5 of The Walking Dead. The season picks up where we last left everyone in the boxcar. Another character will be introduced by the name of Father Gabriel Stokes and it sounds like the Walking dead gang will be on the road for the first half of the season in and around Atlanta.

If you have watched the trailer or see early leaked photos from the set, Ricks group heads back into a metropolitan area of Atlanta. How long are they going to spend there? We do know that season 5 will heavily be based in and around Atlanta.

In a recent interview, Lincoln teased, “The last speech in the boxcar was a very important call to arms and a show of intent. I think people generally won’t be disappointed with the opener.”

Lincoln added, “What we’re doing is more action-packed. This is the first time we’ve picked up from a cliffhanger, so we don’t need to explain anything. Let’s just get on with it. And that was fun.”

More action! Thank god. The beginning of season 4 for me was so boring especially with everyone becoming sick in the prison. It was exciting to see the Governor make his strike on the prison, but I think the writers could have wrapped up the Governor/Woodbury storyline last season. When the group had to leave the prison and everyone was separated – that got me invested again. It gave certain people in the group some quality screen time that they would not normally get. It elaborated more on some backstories and made characters more relatable and likable. It was a little bit of a refresher for me. We finally feel invested in these characters and when they regroup with everyone we feel strong for them – until they get killed off or turned into a zombie.

My only problem with The Walking Dead is that the story drags at times. But if what Andrew Lincoln says is true then hold on to your butts, because it sounds like we are in for a wild ride!

Keep your head on a swivel and watch out for the walkers, The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere airs Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 9 PM ET on AMC.


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