Steven Soderbergh is a true lover of film….besides being one of the biggest filmmakers to come out of the ’90s. In his spare time he likes to dabble in the art of recutting and modifying films that he loves the most. He recently created a very interesting new way to watch a fan-favorite: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

“I value the ability to stage something well because when it’s done well its pleasures are huge, and most people don’t do it well, which indicates it must not be easy to master,” said the director, in a post on “I want you to watch this movie and think only about staging, how the shots are built and laid out, what the rules of movement are, what the cutting patterns are. See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot—whether short or long—held for that exact length of time and placed in that order?”

This is very interesting thing that Soderbergh has done, as Indiana Jones is influenced by the black-and-white serials of the 1930s. Props to Soderbergh for doing this. It’s just another reason why Raiders really is one of the best films ever made.

Due to privacy settings, we can’t embed the video, but here are some awesome screenshots before you watch the entire thing over here:



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