STAR WARS EPISODE VII: Close Up Photos Of Millennium Falcon And New X-Wings!

Somehow and some way the Spanish website 20minutos managed to get their hands on some NEW set photos from Star Wars Episode VII. They claim that an employee of a nearby aviation club was performing simulations with a drone and “accidentally” got these shots. Yeah right.

Looks like the Empire is doing a little spying.

Even though the spacecrafts are somewhat obscured, these photos provide us with our best look yet at both the Millennium Falcon and the redesigned X-Wings! The guys working on the Millennium Falcon are like probably like what the hell? So what do you think gang? This movie looks like it’s shaping up quite well!

It may look like a ‘Hunk-a-junk” now but it made the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!

Source: 20minutos

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