‘The Iceman’ Kung-fu Trailer is Insane

A legendary solider is frozen in a war-stricken past and reawakened in present time to face his ultimate nemesis. I’ve never heard of this premise before….have you?

The Iceman is a martial arts flick from Hong Kong that is actually a remake of a more beloved 1989 martial arts film called The Iceman Cometh (see it’s not just Hollywood that has to churn out remakes/reboots).

The Iceman stars Hong Kong action icon Donnie Yen as the warrior who was put on ice. The fight scenes are so elaborate, impossible, and cartoonish…and I LOVE IT.

Lets just recap/discuss some of the awesome moments from this trailer.

First this midair fist bump.

Because being in mid-air is the only way to hit the rock.

Then the death by flying pencils scene.

What? You’ve never seen weaponized a pencil holder?

And last but not least probably the best scene in the trailer  (and my favorite). The moment where the Iceman lays the smack down on a jabroni in a horse-head mask.


The Iceman begins streaming  on Netflix TODAY (Thursday, September 18th). I will be watching for sure and we will definitely be covering this in a future podcast review (so keep your eyes peeled).

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