Dredd: The Musical Pleads For A Dredd Sequel

It’s no secret that Dredd didn’t do that well at the box office. The film starring Karl Urban as the badass Judge Dredd has done very well in dvd sales and has found new audiences by being streamed on Netflix. Now the vast majority of fans who saw the film loved it and have been pleading for a sequel. Also the possibility of a Dredd sequel is not out of the question as Urban has stated he would return to the role

This is pretty damn funny. YouTube channel Legolambs, (props to Jon and Al Kaplan) have put together Dredd: The Musical, which pleads the case for Dredd II. Here are the opening lyrics to Dredd the Musical, sung in the gruff voice of Karl Urban..

I started out as Eomer, and next I played McCoy. But once I put that helmet on, it sparked my greatest joy, a futuristic square-jawed judge by far my favorite role. Everyone loved me, why haven’t they sent me back to the blocks to patrol? We need to make Dredd II. It’s already been too long. We are wasting the potential of this franchise, and it’s wrong. Make Dredd II. It’s imperative that we try. Or soon they’ll just reboot it and cast some other guy.

The icing on the cake is when Sylvester Stallone shows up and sings, “People thought my Dredd was lame, and maybe that’s the case. I wouldn’t keep my helmet on. I liked to show my face.”

Stallone’s Judge Dredd brings back nightmares of the giant cod piece hero costumes of the 90’s. I absolutely loved Dredd. Many compared it to ‘The Raid: Redemption‘ (which is also a great movie you should check out) where the title characters (who are also an elite tactical police squad) are trapped in a confined high rise space and have no choice but to get all the way to the top to take out the big boss. I always hear the argument between these two films, “that they are too much alike”. Each film was different in their own rights and I enjoyed both. I was invested in all the characters, the plot was great and the action was fantastic. Karl Urban is a great Jude Dredd and blows away Stallone’s robotic garbage performance. I for one am very excited for a sequel. Now let’s see that scowl again in DREDD 2!

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