Will Ferrell Confirms: Zoolander 2 is So Hot Right Now

I do – the good kind though, because I cannot believe that we are going to see another Zoolander movie in the near future!

Will Ferrell has confirmed that he will reprise his role as the villainous fashion designer and piano-key necktie inventor Mugatu in a sequel to the 2001 comedy.

Ferrell told joblo.com work was being done. “We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it.”

Writer-director Justin Theroux, stated  “We’ve got a script for the sequel, and we’ve just been in talks again,” he told Vulture.com. “We’re trying to sharpen it and hone it and, actually, I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like it actually might be starting to get up and running.”

Stiller has said the sequel could see an aging Derek and Hansel (Owen Wilson) struggling to stay relevant in the fashion world. This is a great premise – it will be interesting to see how both Derek and Hansel react to the changing fashion industry. I’m sure we will see the resurgence of Blue Steel and dare I say Magnum? I am definitely looking forward to this. Stay tune for any more news.

I have the sudden urge now to order a orange mocha frappuccino and get into a gas fight.


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