Set Photos From STAR WARS EPISODE VII Feature The Millennium Falcon And Redesigned X-Wing’s

Latino-Review has snapped some great new photos from the Greenham Common set of Star Wars Episode VII. We are getting a better look at the Millennium Falcon as well as new shots of some X-Wings sporting some new colors!

Latino-Review goes on to reveal more:

 “There are four supporting character who will be X-Wing pilots (or at least pilot an X-Wing, details at this moment haven’t been corroborated). The black X-Wing, undoubtedly the coolest X-Wing and one I will undoubtedly be buying some sort of toy of, belongs to one of our leads. Not sure which one yet, but it’s not Oscar Isaacs, cuz he’s flying the Falcon…Episode VII includes one big action X-Wing fight.

Wow. Can we expect as much action as this?

Porkins was so excited about this news that he totaled his X-Wing.  Are you guys getting excited? What do you guys think of these latest details and images?

Source: Latino-Review


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