NEW GOTHAM Video Features Harvey Bullock

Fox just released a brand spankin’ new video for Gotham, which showcases Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock. He is known as a brash and shrewd Gotham Police legend. Incase you didn’t know – Bullock is Detective James Gordon’s partner.

“Harvey Bullock is a detective in the comics,” said DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “He’s never been realized in live action, and Donal Logue is the first person to ever play him. And he’s absolutely perfect for the role.”

In Gotham, Bullock is introducing Gordon to the ugliness of Gotham. Bullock has his own kind of morality which is questionable to a point. Donal Logue looks like he is for sure going to rock the Role of Harvey. I for one am very excited to see Harvey Bullock in live action. Christopher Nolan seemed danced around the character in all three TDK films having actors play what really were analogues to the Bullock’s character despite them not being him. (Flass in Batman Begins (who was actually a character from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One), Wuertz in TDK and even the character listed as Veteran Cop played Brent Briscoe in TDKR.)

Are you excited for Gotham? Gotham Premeieres September 22 on FOX.


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