DC Comics “TITANS” TV Series, May Come to TNT

The Titans (or as I like to call them – Teen Titans) is a DC comic book team of young superheroes, mostly the sidekicks to heros such as Batman and Wonder Woman. The Titans first appeared in 1964 as an all-teen sidekicks version of the adult Justice League. Now it looks like they could be getting their own show!

Warner Bros., which owns DC Comics, is developing a“Titans” television series and is in talks with cable network TNT to air it.

Word is that the series would resemble a popular 1980s comic called “New Titans.” The comic features a 20 year old Robin making the transition to becoming Nightwing, as well as the new heroes Starfire, Raven and Cyborg.

Akiva Goldsman is writing the “Titans” pilot, along with Marc Haimes. Incase you didn’t know Akiva Goldsman wrote for 1990s superhero sequels “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin. Yes she wrote the movie that gave us the Bat-Card.

Perhaps Goldsman can bribe TNT with this card.

Goldsman was previously attached to produce a “Teen Titans” movie at Warner Bros. that was never made.

It’s likely that a pilot could be made or that it will never actually see the light of day.

If you are a Teen Titans fan you can catch the cartoon  “Teen Titans Go!” which currently airs on Cartoon Network. Whereas the cartoon is very lighthearted, the live action series would be a more straightforward dramatic adventure.

DC Comics seems to be owning television right now. This news comes as DC Comics is set to launch 3 series on three different networks: “Flash,” “Constantine,” and Batman prequel“Gotham.” They join DC’s “Arrow,” already on the air, and “iZombie,” which will likely debut early next year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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