Rambo 5 Rumored To Be called “Last Blood”

At first there was….First Blood….now there is Last Blood. (I’m just waiting to hear that in the trailer)

Well folks it looks like John Rambo will be back for one final ride. Sylvester Stallone is looking to give the Rambo franchise an official Ending. The planned fifth movie is reportedly  titled “Last Blood”.

The first Rambo film was called “First Blood – based on the novel by the same name by David Morell

“The character in my novel First Blood is different from the way he is portrayed in the film adaptation,” Morell recently said in response to a scholarly analysis of the character’s depictions over time. “But both are vastly different from the approach to him in the second and third films. The character in the fourth is in keeping with how he is depicted in the novel, however. Four Rambos. Weird.”

ComingSoon.net reports that franchise star Sylvester Stallone will write and direct the film, as he did with 2008’s Rambo, which turned out to be a surprise hit.

In other Rambo: Last Blood news, I guess there is also an online Flash game with the same name from the developer of The Last of Us. You can play it here. This one made us laugh so hard. Get ready to hug it out bro!


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