Have you ever thought to yourself man I feel really old right now? No?

Well Watch this video and you will. The lovely folks behind Teens React to Saved By The Bell have a new video to remind you that you are old.

The whole premise of these videos is that young teenagers look at something old and nostalgic from the past and try to describe what it is. In this video its video gaming consoles we all grew up playing. In this week’s episode a bunch of youngins including Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, are handed a Nintendo Entertainment System that goes back to a time when gaming in your parents living room ruled the land!

Sigh. Now I feel old.

You know you’re old when you get irritated at how badly these kids are playing Mario. I mean I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. and numerous other classics. I can recall the pains and hardships of not being able to get past a certain level and then the screen glitches out and the game freezes. All you can do is remove the game, blow into the cartridge, pop that sucker in and start all over again. It was all part of the challenge and charm of the system. These kids are confused by the whole process and have no clue about some of the NES classics. What the hell is going on here? How did these kids not get taught video gaming from their big bros or sis’s? Share the knowledge people!  It’s nice to see them get excited about video games like the way we did when we were younger. That brought a smile to my face because it brought back so many memories. Maybe its time to put that PS4 and X-box One controller down. Dust off your NES and give it a go! I guarantee you won’t regret it. In fact, it might make you feel young again.

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