History of Video Game Music in Diggin’ In The Carts

There has always been something comforting to me about video game music. Perhaps it’s nostalgia but when I hear those blips and bloops form a symphony of awesome sounds I can’t help but smile. The music and sounds of games such as Pacman, Super Mario Bros. or even Legend of Zelda are forever molded into our minds.

I am part of the generation who grew up playing video games. The sounds that came from these games became part of the cultural lexicon for an entire class of producers, musicians, and DJs, influencing and affecting the ways in which they made music. And that what’s being explored in Diggin’ in the Carts, a new documentary series from Red Bull Music Academy.

The first episode examines composers like Hitoshi Sakamoto, Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka, Junko Ozawa, and how a new genre of music spread across the world – influencing everything from hip hop to dubstep. Various artists are featured from around the world and talk about how these composers have affected their own work. If you are a huge fan of video games and music in general – then this will be fifteen minutes well spent. There are new episodes every Thursday between now and October 9th. Check it out!

What’s your favorite piece of video game music? Let us know or tell us on twitter.


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