First Look At leaked Doctor Doom photos from Fantastic Four Reboot

In Marvel News The New Doctor Doom costume has been leaked from the new Fanstastic Four reboot!

Umm…..what? This has to be a prank seriously.

This can’t be legitimate? Its hard to tell much about Doctor Doom’s appearance as the character is seen in front of a green screen. (Maybe more production work will be done on his costume?) No information has been provided about the context of the scene, but I pray to god that this is like a weird dream sequence…because that suit looks like garbage. Doctor Doom looks like he’s hit the skids – rough times in Latveria. Besides the awkward Babushka hood and metal mask….It doesn’t even resemble the classic Marvel villian. Seriously Fox….????

Dear God. Makes you long for 2005 Doctor Doom doesn’t it?

The images were originally distributed by a site called Geek Pride UK, with the post — and the entire site is currently inactive, and instead redirecting to a “Database Error” page.  Hmmm….so it could be real? Who knows though – just pray it isn’t. So what do you think of the new Doctor Doom? Is it fantastic? Or is it DOOMED?


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