Who doesn’t love a little bit of Nostalgia? I grew up with VHS and while some may view it as outdated – I think it has its own charm and is making a comeback. VHS was the king of the 70s/80s defeating betamax and even laserdisc. Then came the age of the dvd and now blue-ray. When it comes to quality – I wouldn’t even compare VHS to Blue-ray technology because there is no comparison. I will say though that there is an appreciation for VHS among movie lovers, just as music lovers love Vinyl compared to cd’s. I love watching VHS movies and seeing the tracking lines going across the screen, it gives the film a classic feel and makes me nostalgic for another time.

Recently posted on Dreadit, the horror Reddit, is a link to eleven VHS-style covers for modern horror titles. Artist Chris MacGibbon put a video store spin on recent favorites like The Descent, Paranormal Activity, The Strangers and others. I love the attention to detail right down to the stickers.  Which titles would you like to see given the VHS key art treatment? Tell us your favs!


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